Dupont Scientist- Bioprocess Development-Latest Job Vacancy January 2015

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Scientist- Bioprocess Development, Starter Cultures, Dairy (PhD)

Madison, Wisconsin

Job Description
At DuPont, we believe that the answers to the greatest challenges facing humanity can be found through inclusive innovation.

The world’s population will surpass 9 billion by 2050, bringing unprecedented challenges to humans and the earth. At DuPont, we’re taking on these challenges because we know we can find solutions.

By working together, with more people in more places than ever before, we can find new and better ways to solve global challenges and provide for the food, energy, and protection needs of the world’s growing population. 

Here at DuPont, that’s how we work best – alongside others, applying a vast range of scientific expertise and knowledge to some of the world’s most complex problems
Ensuring that enough healthy, nutritious food is available for people everywhere is one of the most critical challenges facing humanity.  This focus on providing for the needs of a growing population will help developing countries prosper, and foster economic growth around the world.
While the demand for energy grows, the supply of fossil fuels will not.  With a growing population, we will need to use those existing resources as efficiently and effectively as possible, and find better ways to harness renewable energy sources, as well.  These transitions will stimulate new industries and power clean economies.
A growing global population places increased pressure on people and the environment.  And as the world develops, humanity places greater value on both life and the earth we all share.  We believe that life and our ecosystem are precious, and we’re working to protect them.

Scientist – BioProcess Development, Madison, Wisconsin

“DuPont scientists and engineers are passionate about collaborating broadly to unlock the potential of technology and to transform science into innovative solutions for some of the world’s greatest challenges.”

We are seeking a Scientist for our BioProcess Development group specializing in the development and performance improvement of starter cultures for the dairy industry.  The focus of this research will be the development and scale up of high performance starter cultures for dairy applications, specifically cheese manufacturing.  This candidate should have knowledge and experience developing and improving dairy starter culture performance, specifically acidifying activity, and will be familiar with cheese making and the cheese manufacturing industry.

Develop new research techniques/methodologies to improve starter culture performance for dairy applications, specifically cheese making.
Provide technical leadership for developing new products, optimizing current products and scaling up products/processes from laboratory to commercial scale.
Use internal/external scientific literature, collaborations, and emerging trends to identify potential “breakthrough” ideas/technology for improving starter culture performance from lab scale development through commercialization.
Initiate, develop, and execute projects based on needs of key stakeholders (Business, Operations, Innovation, BioProcess and Technology) using Project Management and Six Sigma principles.
Contribute to expanding our international scientific network and knowledge base in the area of dairy starter cultures through publications and presentations.
Write invention disclosures to protect our intellectual property rights.

Job Qualifications
PhD in the following or related areas: fermentation science/engineering, bioprocess technology/engineering, biochemistry/biochemical engineering, food science (i.e. food fermentations, food microbiology, dairy science).
Strong background in the physiology, genetics, and fermentation of lactic acid bacteria as it applies to dairy applications.
Hands on experience performing lab scale fermentations to improve performance of starter cultures and scaling up in Pilot/Production.
Familiar with cheese industry/cheese making.
Hands on experience developing new methodologies for improving starter culture performance using flow cytometry and other applicable techniques.
Project Management and Six Sigma experience preferred.
Must be eligible for employment in the United States.

Source : Dupont Career

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